Why Content Isn’t The Only Thing That Matters

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Content is important for SEO. This is a fact, and it isn’t news. There’s no getting away from it any more, and if you don’t have it there’s very little you can do to get your website ranking for your target terms. However, content is not the only thing you should be focusing on. You need to have a clear strategy behind what you’re doing with your blog posts and webpage text, and you also need to make sure the rest of the elements of your SEO campaign are in place. Content for the sake of content is almost certainly going to do very little for your success. Here are a few points to bear in mind when you’re making your plans.

Great content doesn’t automatically¬†rank

You should be making sure your content is interesting, engaging, relevant, informative, full of different types of media, and all those great things. However, don’t expect it to rank on Google and boost your website just because it’s high quality. Without proper promotion on your website, on social media, via email and so on, progress is going to be extremely slow.

Not all content will be successful

Even if you consistently promote your content and make sure it’s all written to a similar standard, not everything is going to catch on. There’s just too much competition out there for you to see the same success every time. Over 2 million blog posts are added to the Internet every single day, and on average only 25% of these will ever get even one single link back from a website. Just keep at it, and when a post finally gets the balance right and takes off it will make all your efforts worthwhile.

Links are still important

We know that links are still one of the absolute top factors which Google looks at when deciding its rankings every time someone runs a query. If you want your content to succeed online and pull in plenty of relevant organic traffic which leads people to look at the rest of your website, it’s important to try and get links back from other sources.

There are many ways to promote content

You can spread the word about your content through a variety of channels, and in fact this is the best way to get more engagement. Facebook and Google+ are good channels to share new posts on if you want to boost your SEO, as well as Twitter. You can also make use of mailing lists to distribute your content, and use news feeds on your website to announce new posts. As well as pushing new posts, don’t make the mistake of only mentioning them once. If your content truly offers value to readers, you can share it again and remind your followers to check it out. Visibility drops off very quickly once you’ve shared on social media, so posting a different update with the same link can really help counteract this.

Overall you simply need to ensure you have a good strategy and you’re confident that the content you’re posting is in line with your SEO objectives. With a little effort you should be able to make your posts stand out from the crowd and help your website gain traction.


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