Gmail adds more search functionality


Gmail, the search engine giant Google’s web-based e-mail system, has always included features that you can use to textually search to find specific messages within the various folders of your e-mail account. The unique search features that Gmail includes makes it easy for users to navigate around their e-mail messages.

Earlier this month, Google announced on their Gmail blog that they have added even more search features to their quality e-mail service. Christian Kurmann, a Software Engineer for Google, announces these changes:

We’re always looking for ways to make it faster and easier for you to find your messages using search in Gmail. So starting today, you can now search emails by size, more flexible date options, exact match, and more.

One of the new implementations that Gmail has added to the search functionality is the option to find e-mail messages by filesize. For example, if you want to find an e-mail message 4MB or larger, you can input “size:4m” (without quotes). You can also list e-mails older than a specific date by using the older_than: operator.

What do you think about Gmail’s e-mail text search functionality? Does it help you find e-mail messages in a more organized and timely fashion? Please leave your feedback in this post’s comments section.