Social Mention – The Social Search Engine

Social media and networking play a big part of our day-to-day online activities, finding out what is new and happening in the world. In many cases, topics and events are covered by social media much more quickly than the news that we see on television, radio and elsewhere online. With this in mind, a search engine called Social Mention has been developed to help users search for key words and phrases on the various well-known social networks all around the web.

Social Mention is essentially a social media search engine as well as an analysis platform that aggregates content posted by users across different networks and collates and interprets the information. This means you can keep tabs on messages referring to you, your business, your rivals, or anything else, all in real time. Over 100 platforms are taken into account by Social Mention including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google and more.

Along with providing data from these well-known websites, Social Mention also displays various statistics pertaining to the key word or phrase that you queried, displaying graphs for the following elements:

  • Sentiment – Whether the search term you queried has been referred to in a positive, neutral, or negative context.
  • Top Keywords – Displays a list of other keywords that have been searched for relating to your searched-for query.
  • Top Users – Displays the users who have been discussing your searched-for term the most.
  • Top Hashtags – The hashtags that have been closely relating to your search term.
  • Sources – The most-often-used external sources used for the social media posts relating to your query.

There are similar functions being increasingly built into each individual social network, and a variety of other tools that include more search functions, such as social post scheduling software. However, this is a great way of collating data from all the relevant sources in one place and getting a great overview. It’s becoming more and more important for online businesses to be tuned into what people are saying on social media and taking advantage of any opportunities that arise, so using Social Mention or a similar tool could become invaluable if you’re looking for an edge over your competition online.


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