SEO Administrator – A multi-purpose tool for optimisation

It is always useful to have more tools at your disposal when trying to increase the value of your website in the eys of search engines. There are so many factors to consider it is almost impossible to devise a strategy without some sort of software to guide you and collate all the relevant statistical information. Some tools are free and can give you quick, simple insights, while others require purchase or subscriptions but offer a lot more detailed information or more advanced functionality.

One such tool is SEO Administrator, which includes the following quality tools that will help analyse your website’s popularity on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  • The Ranking Monitor Utility – This SEO tool uses your website’s keywords to obtain the ranking position of your website from a wide range of search engines.
  • The Link Popularity Checker – The number of inbound links to your website is a major factor in successful search engine promotion, and this tool analyzes these links.
  • The Site Indexation Tool – This SEO tool checks for website page indexing. Before being included in keyword-based search results, a web page needs to be indexed by the search engines. SEO Administrator reveals the pages of your site that have been indexed by various search engines. The program supports all major international search engines.
  • The Site Analyser – The Site Analyser module is an SEO software tool that includes a broken link checker, sitemap creation software, and robots.txt file generator. It finds broken links and images, checks the Google PageRank value for every page, searches for errors in html code, and generates html and Google-compatible xml sitemaps for your web site.
  • The HTML Analyser – The HTML Analyser module is a program that analyzes html page content. The program provides a full report on the weight and density of keywords and keyphrases in your web pages, as well as providing a preliminary analysis of your own site. It can also be used to analyse your competitors’ sites as well.

With powerful software like this at your disposal (and there a huge number of alternatives available too), you might find you have all the tools you need to optimise your website thoroughly. This depends on whether you already have all the necessary technical expertise and experience required to interpret the information your tools have unearthed.


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