How to instantly pull up informative stats about a website

The web is filled with all sorts of tools to help you gain SEO-related knowledge about your website; however, I came across the tool below and found that it provides a lot of relevant information that can help your website succeed on the web. For this week’s tool on mySEOblog, I would like to bring your attention to StatMyWeb.

This tool provides up to date and relevant statistics for any site of your choice. StatMyWeb provides a coherent history for a website and detailed stats including the date it was created, information about its hosting provider, its estimated value and its general rankings on search engines.

When performing a lookup of a website on StatMyWeb, this quality website tool will display the following statistics:

  • Overview – Displays general SEO-related statistics, such as: Alexa Rank, Page Rank, load time (average), daily visitors, and daily pageviews. Some of these may now be slightly outdated factors but it gives you an idea of what has been done previously for the SEO on the website.
  • Daily Visitors Country Map Analysis – A geographical visitor map broken down by country. Highlight any specific country to find out how many visitors to your site come from there.
  • Keywords Ranking at Good Position on Google Analysis – This will display a table showing what keywords from Google took organic search users to your site. This table is organised by keyword, impact factor, and query popularity.
  • Homepage Link Analysis – Counts how many internal and external links are on the website that you are evaluating.
  • W3C HTML Validation Analysis – Checks to see if your website has any W3C validation errors or warnings.

As we mentioned, it’s not necessarily the best idea to take all the statistics you find using tools like this as concrete facts. Statistics tell you a lot about what a website has had going on in the past, but this isn’t always an indication of its current or future value. This is especially true if you’re only looking from an SEO point of view, because again we only really know what has helped websites to rank in the past. We can’t be positive what factors Google and its rivals are using as their mid-low priority factors, so if you’re looking for an advantage over your competition take any conslusions drawn from tools like this with a pinch of salt, and keep an eye on the latest SEO news to judge what factors are the most important today.


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